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an entry i made for a random assignment contest over at [ profile] eliteofthefleet . i'm not going to lie, i'm kind of in love with it, probably because of the backstory. yup, this fanmix has a backstory (in my mind). starts with spock leaving to undergo kolinahr, and ends... well, we all know how TWOK ends. WHICH IS WHY THE LAST SONG IS SPOCK'S SONG. kinda sorta his katra's, to be precise. and it's a HAPPY song. a song full of HOPE, dammit.

/ends rant


1. The Pretenders - Human (Spock's POV) |listen|
I play a good game,
But not good as you
I can be a little cold, but you can be so cruel
I'm not made of brick, I'm not made of stone
But I had you fooled enough
To take me on
If love was a war, it's you who has won
While I was confessing it, you held your tongue
Now the damage is done...

2. Lucinda Williams Are You Alright? (Kirk's POV) |listen|
Are you alright?
All the sudden you went away.
Are you alright?
I hope you come back around someday.
Are you alright?
I haven't seen you in a real long time.
Are you alright?
Could you give me some kind of sign.
Are you alright?
I looked around me and you were gone.
Are you alright?
I feel like there must be something wrong.
Are you alright?
'Cause it seems like you disappeared.
Are you alright?
'Cause I been feeling a little scared.
Are you alright?

3. Warren Zevon - Reconsider Me (Spock's POV) |listen|
If you're all alone
And you need someone
Call me up
And I'll come running
Reconsider me
Reconsider me

If it's still the past
That makes you doubt
Darlin', that was then
And this is now
Reconsider me
Reconsider me

4. Joan Osborne - Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends (Kirk's POV) |listen|
This may be our last good night together
We may never pass this way again
Just let me enjoy it 'til it's over, or forever
Please don't tell me how the story ends

See the way our shadows come together
Softer than your fingers on my skin
Someday these may be all we remember of each other
Please don't tell me how the story ends

5. Rick Astley - Lights Out (Kirk's POV) |listen|
There's a clock that stopped ticking by the bed
The second you were gone
And it feels just like my heart stopped beating too

'Cause it's hard to keep those promises
I made when I was strong
Now I'm haunted by the ghost of you

6. Joshua Radin - The One You Knew (Spock's POV) |listen|
I'm leaving but don't worry, I'll be back again,
You're always right here
And you're grieving but don't hurry to your pack of friends,
I'll stay, it's clear

The one you knew, from your love I grew
Into complete and whole
And the way I justify
It's my way to control
Love everlasting
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