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'Kay, here we go:

Teh Epic List of Bestest Podfics Evar, part two )

C'est tout. Will post any goodness I find, promise. Now off I go. Peter's Friends DVD's waiting.
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Finished high school, started taking driving lessons, possibly passed all my matura exams-- life couldn't be better.

Unfortunately, it isn't.

You know, when you have lots of things to do, you're complaining that you have no free time to do the things you love to do. And when you finally have time-- lots of time, actually four months for doing nothing-- it's not fun anymore. First few days, yeah. But later?

I thought that when I finish school I will finally do what I wanted to do. Be lazy. Do nothing of importance. Organize movies/House marathons, read all the books I wanted to read but never had time, party with friends, learn to cook (!!!). First few days it was great. I'm usually alone at home-- parents working, brother at school until 4PM. All I had to do is to cook dinner, and the rest of the time-- do absolutely nothing. Be as lazy as I wanted to.

Now I want to go back to school, and that freaks me out a little. Because what the hell al I supposed to do with myself for FOUR months?


'Kay, now to the important part. Connected to the previous one, but still.

I downloaded a bunch of House podfics lately. Here be the list and some comments (I am linking to the mp3 versions; if you're looking for audiobook, guess there are somewhere out there):

Teh Epic List of Bestest Podfics Evar )

Will post the rest of Teh Bestest Podfics Evar soon. It's not like anybody's waiting for it, I'm actually doing this for myself... whatever.

Oh, and did I mention that I hell at self-loathing? And that LJ hates me? I had to change all LJ-user links to normal links, because it was somehow messing with the LJ-cut. Fail.


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