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... whatev, I gotta share.

I cane across the most BAMF movie I have seen since introducing myself to Star Trek. And when talking about fav action movies ever... well, this one's right next to Boondock Saints on my list. Why yes, I am talking about Hot Fuzz:

Here be the short story about how Lt. Commander Ji came across such awesomeness:

So a few days ago I was rummaging through dA, like I always do, and found this short comic. And then I stumbled across this awesometastic slashfic written by the director of this movie and two actors playing the roles of Angel and Danny.

The mind of a slasher, y'know. It reels. I thought, hey, if it's that good how come I haven't seen or hear of that before? So I fixed that the moment I could.

That was two days ago. By now I've watched this movie six times. And to celebrate that-- and to introduce you to (or remind you of it if you've already watched it) the epic tale of bromance and Cornettos-- I give you this picspam (now with more demented commentary):

Lock me up. I'm a slasher and I must be stopped. )

G'night everybody. Live long, prosper and eat Cornettos.

Oh, and jog on!


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