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what the subject says :3 private posts will be f-locked.

[le space for future masterlists]

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Title: And Another Thing
Pairing: Sam Winchester/Castiel
Rating: PG-13, i guess.
Wordcount: 732
Spoilers: up to 7x01, if any; the 'verse goes AU after that
Warnings: none
Summary: “Did you know that almost all of the hunters take up the profession because of a loss of a loved one?”

Link: AO3 / tumblr

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seven days, loads of counting and butt hurt from sitting in one position for way too many hours. it's finished :D

cut for sarah who wants it to be a surprise )

in other news, i'm a cat now. cats are cool.


Dec. 22nd, 2011 08:10 pm
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i think by now i don't have to type up an explanation...
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we're choosing our BA this year, and we have several courses & classes to choose from. and i. cannot. choose. it's torture. i want all of those.

i mean, how am i supposed to choose between this:
  • Victorian Gothic fiction
  • The course focuses on Victorian Gothic fiction — on novels such as Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations and The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Sheridan LeFanu’s Uncle Silas, Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles. The course offers an introduction to the Gothic novel as well as helps students analyse different aspects of the Gothic in Victorian fiction. In particular, emphasis will be laid on the literary characters — villains, their victims and on the ways of presenting them in the novels.
and this:
  • Sensing the City: Contemporary American Urban Literature
  • The course aims to familiarize students with representations of the city in contemporary American literature. We’ll be mostly interested in the literary pictures of the city as it is perceived and experienced by its human inhabitant, not only through his/her sense of sight, but also that of hearing, smell, touch. The earliest texts under consideration will be those written in the 1950s and 1960s, such as James Baldwin’s Go Tell It on the Mountain and Saul Bellow’s Herzog. We’ll also focus on novels depicting the 21st-century city, including Don DeLillo’s Falling Man with its account of 9/11 and Jennifer Egan’s Pulitzerprize winning 2010 novel A Visit from the Goon Squad, in which the primary constitutive element of the city is the sound of music it is filled with. Apart from the discussions of literary texts, we’ll also practice critical reading and writing skills necessary for the successful completion of the B.A. thesis.
oh, but that's not all, second course is a choice between this:
  • The worlds of late Renaissance drama: Perverted politics. Illegitimate sex. The triumph of the wicked?
  • The course will focus on the political and sensational elements of late Renaissance drama, especially tragedy. Authors to be discussed include William Shakespeare, John Webster, Thomas Middleton, and John Ford.
and this:
  • Our class will be devoted to American short fiction of the XX century. The aim of the course is to increase students’ awareness of the underlying structure of the American short story and to demonstrate its basic shift from the plotted story to the plotless kind with the action significantly pruned. Regardless of the type of story analysed, our theoretical assumption concerning the artistic unity of the short story as a distinct literary genre is in keeping with the approach represented by the New Criticism and its method of “close reading”. Such an approach is in our case tantamount to an in-depth examination of particular works. Our ultimate goal would be to perceive the interrelatedness between the artistic unity of the story discussed and its theme brought out by the storyteller.
i'm thinking gothic fiction for the former, and american short fiction for the latter. thing is, both are very popular and i don't know if i'll get on the list. if i do, and really, really hope so, i'll try to get the professors to let me attend the other ones, too.

literature, man. i love this shit.
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Title: Whimper
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Castiel pre-slash
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: ~450
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: Do not own. Kripke does. Damn you, Kripke!
A/N: Set sometime after season six finale (which hasn't aired yet, btw, so it's kind of an AU).

You watch him when he sleeps. )
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lemme show you an english essay of an average 18 yr old polish student.

(oh, stuff that i get to proofread)

The holiday can be very good rest and relax. I like many holidays and I always wait with impatience . From time to time I'm visiting my grandmother who lives in the countryside or I go to the sea, is really great to take to fresh air and free time. But this year I went to France. I wanted to from the past few years and during this holiday dreams come true. We left July 19 from Poznan, and we went past the Czech Republic, Austria `s and` Italy. When we arrived at Frejus, it `was the night. We were exhausted and the whole group went to bed.

During my stay in France j `ve visited many places that were very interesting. I went to the town of Frejus, where I saw the ruins of the aqueduct `and` Roman amphitheater. We also participated in the festival `s fireworks. The next day we went to the Grand Canyon du Verdon George. We made a pedal boating. We also went to Cannes and St. Tropez. Cannes is a very interesting city. I have walked on the boulevard "La Croisette". The climate and ambience of this city `m enchanted. On the Cote d` Azur we have visited Port Grimaud where we were in a city that is located on of water - Venice French. Agay However we made a small excursion boat. We also went to the principality of Monaco, where I saw the palace residence of Prince Rainier III and Grace Kelly's grave. We also visited the Oceanographic Museum where we met a Polish politician - Leszek Miller. We also visited Monte Carlo, where we saw the casino and Hotel de Paris - one of the most luxurious hotels in France.

In summing up my trip to France was thrilling and exciting. I `ve met many young people worldwide. I went a few times where the disco had j `s` m `opportunity to have fun and talk with them. The French are really nice but unfortunately they do not know much about our country. I think my holiday in France were superb and extraordinary and I hope to return as soon as possible.
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an entry i made for a random assignment contest over at [ profile] eliteofthefleet . i'm not going to lie, i'm kind of in love with it, probably because of the backstory. yup, this fanmix has a backstory (in my mind). starts with spock leaving to undergo kolinahr, and ends... well, we all know how TWOK ends. WHICH IS WHY THE LAST SONG IS SPOCK'S SONG. kinda sorta his katra's, to be precise. and it's a HAPPY song. a song full of HOPE, dammit.

/ends rant


playlist, lyrics, yt links )
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i have a pile of them right next to me :3 promised myself i'll read at least ten before the year ends. some of them are on my uni's obligatory reading list, so that's not going to be a problem.


can't live on books alone, so how about a list of movies that everybody should see?

here are two lists:

100 Movies to See Before You Die: The All-Time Greats
100 Movies to See Before You Die: The Modern Classics

comments? suggestions?
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so, there's this list of books that everybody should read in their lives at least once. i printed it some time ago and put on my wall, and i was halfway through it, but then got kinda distracted. i looked at it the other day and thought, hey, it'd be fun to finally read them all.

thing is, there are books that are considered classics, but didn't get on the list, for example, master and margarita, which i adore, and was really surprised i didn't find it here.

so, here's the list. and my request. could you add books that you consider are must-reads? not ony those known worldwide, also those that are really important in your country. i know i'm going to add some of the polish authors, like mickiewicz, sienkiewicz, etc. i'm really behind when it comes to read real books, it's almost scary.

damn, that's a lot of books )

thanks in advance :3
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starfleet needs you, beans. join us. resistance is illogical.


(and let them know [ profile] jihime47 sent you. beards of evil must prevail!)

also, if you enlist, please elaborate on your answers. we love long apps :3

What is Elite of the Fleet? | How to Apply | Apply to Elite of the Fleet
Rules/FAQ for Members | Starfleet Calendar | Return/Resign from Elite of the Fleet | Records & Ranks

Starfleet Command Contact: Communities to Contact Them About
Admiral Lupin ([ profile] enlist_in_fleet | [ profile] eliteofthefleet)
Captain Kittehkat ([ profile] tactical_track | [ profile] ussexeter)
Captain Sparkly ([ profile] operation_track | [ profile] ussfarragut)
Admiral Lupin ([ profile] science_track | [ profile] ussdefiant)
Captain Echo ([ profile] medical_track | [ profile] ussexcalibur)
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Some of you may hate me for writing this, but it has to be written.

I have noticed the twitter war that happened today, and though I usually stay away from this kind of stuff, I decided to understand what this is all about, all because the girl who runs the site is from Poland just like me. I thought I'd be able to get to her, or at least get to know her opinion since there would be no language barrier.

We had a chat (if you can call @-ing at each other a chat), and what I got out of it was pretty darn enlightening.

She cares greatly for her site, works hard to make it run smoothly, and also does English to Polish translations. All by herself, without any help. This site is her baby. She takes every single comment and every single tweet personally.

We all know she's a Huddy shipper, a huge one. We know she likes to show it any way she can, even if it may be insulting to people who are not intersted in her personal opinion.

Mind you, in every fandom and in every pairing there are people for whom what they believe in is practically sacrosanct. They can come out as a bit too obsessed, a bit too serious.

When you see such a person, stay away from them at all costs. Don't taunt them, don't call them names, DON'T ADD FUEL TO THE FIRE. You're just making things worse. Haters gonna hate. It's only a show.

And if you really, really feel like you should say something, act mature.

We may hate what she wrote about St Doris because she had no right to do that. But that doesn't give any other person the right to bash and hate on her, call her a bitch and several other quite "interesting" names. By doing that you show that you're just like her. And we can do better.

Everybody's entitled to an opinion, even her. The only thing she did wrong is that she hasn't as of yet realized that she has a lot of influence because of the popularity of her site, and by that, her Twitter account. It's not what she wrote that is wrong, it's how she's chosen to do this.

Feel free to express your opinion in the comments, but before you hit the 'post' button, think twice. Trust me, life's easier that way.

Posting here 'cause it got deleted after an hour on H/W comm. Oh well.
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Guess what?

Image Hosted by

Got the message in the morning, still fangirling over it :3


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 I've ben meaning to do this for some time now, ever since somebody posted over at [ profile] ontd_startrek the link and lyrics to What's On Your Mind by Infomation Society. Then Brittany's K/S vid contest happened and I've been working on a vid w/ this song. And then my laptop went "Um, no", and deleted it. Got a bit pissed, but y'know, shit happens. Oh well. But, I finally found some time to do a fanmix. Went through over 5000 songs, and this bb was born. I tried to make this a fanmix with a plot; well, not my place to tell if I did it the right way.



Tracklist and the story (yay, there's a plot in there!) )
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Girl I was talking to earlier today told me, "You have to find yourself a Boswell. Because you talk so much. And I don't have time for a hours-lenght conversations."

An yes, that's an exact quote. Well, as exact as a translation from Polish can be.

This is the first time in my life I have been told that I talk too much. It's kind of weird.

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I should be writing two papers right now. And learning for my exams.

But no, here I sit and play The Sims: Makin' Magic. Yes. You read that right. I'm playing Sims.

Hell, I even made a Holmes family, with Holmes, Watson, two cats called Irene Adler and Lestrade, and two dogs, Mrs Hudson and Gladstone. Oh, and Holmes and Watson adopted a baby girl. Her name is Mary and she's a hardcore slasher. Because I say so. Also because when they were on vacation, she walked on her daddies "having fun" in a cheesy pink bed, walked past them like nothing has happened, turned the computer on and started playing. But I mean, come on. We all know she was writing a live action slashfic.

So, I have a project about globalization to finish until Wednesday. Actually, I haven't even started. Oh fuck it.

And then there's this paper about my favorite online dictionary due January 17th. And psychology exam on the 19th.

Oh and it turns out that I'm the only single left amongst my friends, and my flatmate keeps on rubbing my nose in it--

And she just called me, trying to make me leave the apartment and get a life. Aw dammit.


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I feel like I've been neglecting this journal. I have to admit, I feel like crap because of it. I know it sounds weird but that's the truth. Even if nobody's reading (and I'm quite sure that's true), I still should write something-- anything-- at least once a week. If not for someone to read, then for me.

See, I'm rambling again. )


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