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I feel like I've been neglecting this journal. I have to admit, I feel like crap because of it. I know it sounds weird but that's the truth. Even if nobody's reading (and I'm quite sure that's true), I still should write something-- anything-- at least once a week. If not for someone to read, then for me.

See, I'm rambling again.

So, what were I doing this past couple of weeks? Procrastinating, mainly. I mean, I did a bit of this learning stuff-- not an interesting thing to do. I mean, I love English language, but I feel like my teachers were trying to tell me that my decision to study the language was one of the worst in my life. I'm still trying to figure out what I need descriptive grammar for. Even if I will be forced to one day become a teacher (which is quite possible, since there's not much else to do with a BA or MA in English in Poland), there's no way I'd teach kiddos this kind of stuff. Hell, when I was in high school, I had no idea that something like phonetic transcription even existed! Maybe that's because I had six English teachers in three years I was studying there, and almost none of them were competent enough. Hell, they even gave us a woman, who previously taught in kindergarten! And she was only like, six or seven years younger than me and was scared shitless of us. So yeah, all the English I know now, I learned, reading slash. Yay me. I'm so awesome.

Other than that? Well, there was my birthday on December 19th. So I'm 19 now. I feel so old.

I got this awesome Kirk bear and a keychain!Tribble (his name is Andrew) from [ profile] h_e_r_b_a_t_a (she had her birthday on the 24th, and I bough her a Star Trek metal box DVD edition):

And then there was Christmas. Again, nothing special. But I got this from my mom:

Isn't my mom all kinds of awesome?

And the New Year's Eve Depeche Mode party. I went ther with [ profile] h_e_r_b_a_t_a and her friends. Fun times:

I stayed at [ profile] h_e_r_b_a_t_a 's for a few days. If only she weren't living so far away. It's an eight-hour drive from Lublin. Well, for me it was an eleven-hour drive, because the bus broke down. Murphy's law, I guess. Still, it was one of the best weeks in my life. So good to meet a fellow slasher IRL. Plus, she's the one who introduced me to slash.

And since we're talking about slash--


Firstly, its one of the best adaptations of Sir Arthur's books. But that's not the reason you should.


I mean, guys are as subtle as Kirk and Spock in The Motionless Picture. Which is NOT. SUBTLE. AT. ALL.

Can't wait to buy the DVD. Director's cut would be awesome.Wonder if they'd do one.

Okay, I'll stop rambling now.

My English still sucks, especially grammar.

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Date: 2010-01-10 06:35 pm (UTC)
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I KNOW, RIGHT? Seen it two times now and so going for the third.

I was sitting in the cinema, telling to myself it can't get any slashier than that every five minutes. And it always did.

I mean, damn. Holmes even gave Watson a diamond ring. Pity they hadn't show it in the movie, but in the script there was that scene. And I was like nuu, Watson you dumbass, why are you so blind???

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Date: 2010-01-11 12:07 pm (UTC)
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Watson calls Holmes "wife".

It's canon, baby.


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