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we're choosing our BA this year, and we have several courses & classes to choose from. and i. cannot. choose. it's torture. i want all of those.

i mean, how am i supposed to choose between this:
  • Victorian Gothic fiction
  • The course focuses on Victorian Gothic fiction — on novels such as Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations and The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Sheridan LeFanu’s Uncle Silas, Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles. The course offers an introduction to the Gothic novel as well as helps students analyse different aspects of the Gothic in Victorian fiction. In particular, emphasis will be laid on the literary characters — villains, their victims and on the ways of presenting them in the novels.
and this:
  • Sensing the City: Contemporary American Urban Literature
  • The course aims to familiarize students with representations of the city in contemporary American literature. We’ll be mostly interested in the literary pictures of the city as it is perceived and experienced by its human inhabitant, not only through his/her sense of sight, but also that of hearing, smell, touch. The earliest texts under consideration will be those written in the 1950s and 1960s, such as James Baldwin’s Go Tell It on the Mountain and Saul Bellow’s Herzog. We’ll also focus on novels depicting the 21st-century city, including Don DeLillo’s Falling Man with its account of 9/11 and Jennifer Egan’s Pulitzerprize winning 2010 novel A Visit from the Goon Squad, in which the primary constitutive element of the city is the sound of music it is filled with. Apart from the discussions of literary texts, we’ll also practice critical reading and writing skills necessary for the successful completion of the B.A. thesis.
oh, but that's not all, second course is a choice between this:
  • The worlds of late Renaissance drama: Perverted politics. Illegitimate sex. The triumph of the wicked?
  • The course will focus on the political and sensational elements of late Renaissance drama, especially tragedy. Authors to be discussed include William Shakespeare, John Webster, Thomas Middleton, and John Ford.
and this:
  • Our class will be devoted to American short fiction of the XX century. The aim of the course is to increase students’ awareness of the underlying structure of the American short story and to demonstrate its basic shift from the plotted story to the plotless kind with the action significantly pruned. Regardless of the type of story analysed, our theoretical assumption concerning the artistic unity of the short story as a distinct literary genre is in keeping with the approach represented by the New Criticism and its method of “close reading”. Such an approach is in our case tantamount to an in-depth examination of particular works. Our ultimate goal would be to perceive the interrelatedness between the artistic unity of the story discussed and its theme brought out by the storyteller.
i'm thinking gothic fiction for the former, and american short fiction for the latter. thing is, both are very popular and i don't know if i'll get on the list. if i do, and really, really hope so, i'll try to get the professors to let me attend the other ones, too.

literature, man. i love this shit.
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Girl I was talking to earlier today told me, "You have to find yourself a Boswell. Because you talk so much. And I don't have time for a hours-lenght conversations."

An yes, that's an exact quote. Well, as exact as a translation from Polish can be.

This is the first time in my life I have been told that I talk too much. It's kind of weird.

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I should be writing two papers right now. And learning for my exams.

But no, here I sit and play The Sims: Makin' Magic. Yes. You read that right. I'm playing Sims.

Hell, I even made a Holmes family, with Holmes, Watson, two cats called Irene Adler and Lestrade, and two dogs, Mrs Hudson and Gladstone. Oh, and Holmes and Watson adopted a baby girl. Her name is Mary and she's a hardcore slasher. Because I say so. Also because when they were on vacation, she walked on her daddies "having fun" in a cheesy pink bed, walked past them like nothing has happened, turned the computer on and started playing. But I mean, come on. We all know she was writing a live action slashfic.

So, I have a project about globalization to finish until Wednesday. Actually, I haven't even started. Oh fuck it.

And then there's this paper about my favorite online dictionary due January 17th. And psychology exam on the 19th.

Oh and it turns out that I'm the only single left amongst my friends, and my flatmate keeps on rubbing my nose in it--

And she just called me, trying to make me leave the apartment and get a life. Aw dammit.


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I feel like I've been neglecting this journal. I have to admit, I feel like crap because of it. I know it sounds weird but that's the truth. Even if nobody's reading (and I'm quite sure that's true), I still should write something-- anything-- at least once a week. If not for someone to read, then for me.

See, I'm rambling again. )
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Classes boring as always... yay?

Just wanted to say: I hate word limits. Not in drabbles and such, but in papers I have to write for my composition classes. How the hell am I supposed to fit an introduction, a few paragraphs of the main body plus write a decent plot plus use extended vocabulary into 250 words???

Maybe I'm no writer, I dunno.

Thing is, when writing a fanfic I don't have to create a new universe, new characters, places, sometimes even situations or part of the plot; it's always possible to re-write or write a different take on a canon scene/episode/chapter/arc/etc. I already have all needed information and so have the readers. I write by adding, not by creating from scratch. I don't have to explain every single thing the character does, his/her intentions, way of thinking, hell even the looks.

I keep keep on rambling and I wrote maybe two fanfics so far. It's weird. Forgive me. I am no writer.

Woe is me.

Now, to the promised lame attempt at K/SP:

And yet... )

See? I am so lame.


Nov. 12th, 2009 05:04 pm
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Didn't go to classes.
Have to write a paper for tomorrow.
Failed driving test for the third time.
Got sick.
Can't eat, throat hurts like a bitch.
Bottle of vodka mysteriously vanished from my freezer.
Have to learn for next week's Descriptive Grammar classes because of failed exam.
Have Linguistics exam on Monday.
Forgot to buy tea.
Unable to go to the party today.


The only highlights of the day are:

I finally found someone with a power drill and he drilled a hole over my bed, put a hook-- and finally I can hang my TOS poster (have to buy a second frame, the previous one was too big to bring it with me /yay buses/ , so I left it at home, gave it to my brother, actually).

The newest episode of [ profile] brittanyksduh 's The Ship's Closet will be uploaded tonight.

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Somebody should take my laptop from me. I'm spending way too much time online, my not-online pals forget how I look like.

Ok, it's not that bad. Still, the looks I get from my flatmate say it all. Yesterday/today I went to sleep after 4 am because I had to watch House livestream (2 to 3 am) plus another hour of waiting the ep to download plus re-watching best scenes. Which took some time, 'cause there were lots of them (there were some bad ones, too, but I'll pretend that they didn't happen-- it's not like TPTB care about continuity on this show).

Three words: PANTSLESS DRUGGED WILSON. Not enough to convince you? (is that possible?) 'Kay then: BOTH WERE HOUSE'S DOINGS. How about now?

Man, I still have teethmarks on my forearm. I bit myself so hard as for not to wake my flatmate and her BFF with laughter and fangirlish squee. Just thinking about the scene when Wilson wakes up and all that happens afterwards. Yup. Grinning like Cheshire Cat on speed.

In other boring news:

Re-living my childhood with Anastasia soundtrack. Gotta lay my hands on the DVD the moment I can.

Scored B on practical phonetics classes again. Hope that one day I'll be speaking perfect Queen's English. That day'll be the happiest day in my life (not counting fandom-related stuff-to-be).

Somebody please tell me how to stop rambling and finally get some work done...


(quote in the subject taken from 180 Degrees Housefic by[info]movies_michelle -- go read it)

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I should be learning for my practical phonetics classes now. The thing is, it's as boring as descriptive grammar, and as difficult. For me. Phonetic transcription sucks. I never had it before in school. (well, I had three English teachers during three years of high school and neither of them even mentioned this stuff, yay them *sigh*)


Gotta find out what time it is now on the East Coast. I don't know whether I am supposed to wait until 1 am or set my alarm clock for quarter to 3. IT'S HOUSE TIME!!! Oh well. It better be worth it.

Hell, what time is it now in the US?
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Here, have some Lt. Commander Ji in her awesome-tastic t'hy'la t-shirt and Epic Gloves of Slash.

And this just speaks for itself:


Oct. 24th, 2009 11:06 am
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I could die for all I care. Haven't had my usual forty winks for some time now... and now I have to clean up the whole apartment and cook a dinned for two (my sis came for the weekend). And then I have to learn shitloads of stuff about phonetics... consonants and how they are articulated, and where. So, speech organs, yeah. All that labial/alveolar/glottal etc. stuff. Why in God's name do I have to know that? I want to be a translator, not an actress or something.

Oh, and my descriptive grammar professor told me that knowing stuff like this will help me find job in the UK or US. Yeah, she even gave us examples. Like her former student who is (or was, don't remember) a waitress.

So remember, kids: want to find a sucky job abroad? Learn Queen's English.

Not like I have something against it, it is orgasm-inducing when someone speaks QE, but forcing poor Polish students to learn such stuff is like... man, I do not even know what to compare it to... trying to teach a monkey how to play Chopin on a piano. Yeah, something like that. Ever heard Polish-English? It's quite funny :3

My head hurts. It must be the new cabin-cleaning stuff. Ugh, m'gonna puke.
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Aaaah, this weird things people eat during college years. God knew what He was doing when He made microwaves.

Life's not that bad here, not really. Not cheap, but also not that expensive, given we're living in an apartment that could be a definition of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Every single thing brand-fucking-new, down to cutlery (is cutlerly countable? ugh) And a fast internet connection. Most important.

God, I need some sleep. I can't remember the last time I went to bed before 2 am. Another life, maybe. It's just-- so much college-related stuff to do, catching up with the rest of the world is quite impossible before midnight. Stuff you sacrifice to BA in English... Never knew I was able to do that. Oh well, at least some classes are interesting. Exhausting, but interesting. Pity descriptive grammar isn't one of them. Life would've been so much easier.

*off to buy rice waffles*

I should read Beowulf now. DO NOT WANT. I mean, I know it's cool and stuff, but-- no thanks. Maybe next week. Month. I'd rather sit off my ass during psychology classes (Freud FTW).

And there's so much published slashy stuff to catch up with. I just re-read Killing Time (God, I wish I had the uncensored version), read The Price of The Phoenix (so fucking chaotic-- and slashy; human-Vulcan bonding FTW), and three stories from The New Voyages: Ni Var, Mind-Sifter, and The Winged Dreamers.

My God, The Winged Dreamers. So. Fucking. Epic. Here, have a passage from it:

Spock reached for the computer, and then his hand hesitated. He turned in his seat and
looked down at Kirk. In the depths of his eyes something was kindling. His face was intent
with what was almost a dawning joy.

Kirk stared back at him with mild alarm. "Mr. Spock?"

"Jim," Spock said in a whisper, "why do we have to leave here? We can stay. Just you and I.
We don't need those others."

"He's off his head." McCoy grunted. "He's finally cracked."

"No. The thing's finally got to him," Kirk said, climbing out of the command seat. "It's offering
him the one thing..." He stopped abruptly, realizing that he was giving too much away. He
ignored McCoy's startled look and went up to the Vulcan.


"We can go down to the planet," Spock explained reasonably. "We can be together,

Fuck. Ing. A. How the hell this got published? (and not only published, each story's got an introduction written by one of the ST TOS actors; TWD's got DeForest, Ni Var-- Leonard, and The Mind-Sifter-- Bill, which means each one of them read that particular story; it makes me happy in a perverted sort of way)

And two more ST-related things before I go (English Literature classes; no fucking way am I going to miss these):

Yesterday I watched STXI Gag Reel on Youtube. Some minutes later it got deleted. Found the second one and before that got deleted, too, I downloaded it and uploaded @ sendspace:

And the last one:

The most squee-inducing Star Trek fanfic ever: The Little Vulcan by ayalesca. 

'Kay, off I go. Live long and prosper,

Ji out.


Sep. 28th, 2009 01:58 pm
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The guy I was going to rent a room in Lublin from decided I'm no fun.

I have no room. And no money.

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Long time no write. Well, I'm kinda sorta busy here. Hey, the third season of TOS won't watch itself! Alfo, I'm having a driving license test (exam?) this Monday, so I have shitloads of weird rules to learn. Hope I'll pass, I have no money for another one. Test/exam, that is. I'm about to go to the university, dammit, I'm gonna learn English. Like, for srs. Love the language. It's way beyond awesome.

I needs teh monies, FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES (new kinds of beverage, food etc.). And hell, there are always buses, amirite?

In other (more slashy and Star-Trekk-ish) news:


Anybody listening to Warp 11? Very, very weird shit.

Oh, and found this funny test, which is supposed to tell you how hetero you are, basing it on your tweets. Here be my result: You're very metro hetero. Hetero. Not hetero. Hetero. Not hetero. Who can know for sure? Probably few but you.

69% Heterojihime is 69% HeteroHow hetero are you? How hetero is Martha Stewart? Try out any Twitter name and get the real picture. Are we really the words we use? Hope to see you at Stockholm Pride!

Peace and long life, Ji out.
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My leg hurts like hell :C Got caught in the door, now my ankle is swollen and I can’t walk. And since it’s my right leg, my brother keeps on mocking me, telling me how I subconsciously want to be like House. Yeah, right.

Hope I haven’t broken anything, it doesn’t hurt that bad, but still… no driving lessons for me in the next few days. Ohnoes D:

Now to the bright side of life.

Since I have more time, I decided to work on my House t-shirt. Googled a stencil, bough a can of paint, some t-shirts and that funny paper, sticky on one side (still don’t know how it’s called in English). Few hours later I had this:

Still looking for the right font for IT’S NEVER LUPUS. Also, I’m working on a Jimmy Wilson t-shirt. Found a nice picture. Will post the photo when I finish.

Finished before I could post it. My PC hates me and yesterday decided not to cooperate for no apparent reason. Well, that’s why I called it Lupus.

Here be the photo (sorry for the crappy quality, my camera hates me, too):

While in Puławy, I also found and bought Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince and Other Stories & Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. I read the latter in Polish and I really liked it, though not as much as Lord Jim, which is all kinds of awesome.


MEME TIEM!!! (found @ [ profile] arhh’s LJ):

Here be the meme... )

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Two pictures to prove it:


A silver necklace and an Oscar Wilde book. I was saving money for them like for ages. The necklace opens; I don't know what will I put there, but it must be something awesome (any ideas?). And I'm halfway through De Profundis. God, there are no words that would describe how happy I am to finally have it. And be able to read it in English.


My driving instructor is one of the most awesome people I've met so far. Six-hour drive around Radom (a city/town in Poland) couldn't have been better. Well, for me & for him; my BFF Red, who's taking lessons with me, got bored as hell and decided that Margit Sandemo's books are way more interesting than discussing the newest episode of Top Gear. And she calls herself a car-geek.

And I hell at changing gears. And parking. And driving 80 MPH in a Nissan Micra.
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Time for an update.


I have nothing to tell you :( Life's been boring as hell lately. I went to a party with my friends yesterday, got soaking wet, bought and lost an awesome baloon-- it was pink and tank-shaped; flew away after one particulary clingy jerk bit through its string-- I thing I bruised him badly, it's just... me no likey when somebody tries to flirt with my BFF-- yeah, I am very overprotective, will kick and bite when somebody tries to grab my friend's butt, pity I had no cane to beat him with it.

Oh, and after that I got almost drunk. "Almost" because I'm taking driving lessons and had to drive today. No 60 MPH for you when you're not a good girl, as my instructor says. And I want to be a good girl. Because I love cars. And want to have one. And won't have one if I won't pass the exam.

I even bought an awesome sweater, James May style, just for driving. And Greg (my instructor) called me Miss Captain Slow last week... Then we had a nice chat about Top Gear, House, Friends, CSI and gay-themed movies. I love him.


I should be translating now... Finished Twelve And A Half Hours-- still got a bit to re-type; I'm one of those freaks that have to write everytihing down on a piece of paper and then get too lazy to re-type and publish it, hope folks from my forum will forgive me. I promise I will do this soon. Right after watching the newest Top Gear episode. From what I've heard/read, it's all kinds of awesome.

Then I guess I'll be working on my Lucas!fic list.

Yes, I have no life.
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Finished high school, started taking driving lessons, possibly passed all my matura exams-- life couldn't be better.

Unfortunately, it isn't.

You know, when you have lots of things to do, you're complaining that you have no free time to do the things you love to do. And when you finally have time-- lots of time, actually four months for doing nothing-- it's not fun anymore. First few days, yeah. But later?

I thought that when I finish school I will finally do what I wanted to do. Be lazy. Do nothing of importance. Organize movies/House marathons, read all the books I wanted to read but never had time, party with friends, learn to cook (!!!). First few days it was great. I'm usually alone at home-- parents working, brother at school until 4PM. All I had to do is to cook dinner, and the rest of the time-- do absolutely nothing. Be as lazy as I wanted to.

Now I want to go back to school, and that freaks me out a little. Because what the hell al I supposed to do with myself for FOUR months?


'Kay, now to the important part. Connected to the previous one, but still.

I downloaded a bunch of House podfics lately. Here be the list and some comments (I am linking to the mp3 versions; if you're looking for audiobook, guess there are somewhere out there):

Teh Epic List of Bestest Podfics Evar )

Will post the rest of Teh Bestest Podfics Evar soon. It's not like anybody's waiting for it, I'm actually doing this for myself... whatever.

Oh, and did I mention that I hell at self-loathing? And that LJ hates me? I had to change all LJ-user links to normal links, because it was somehow messing with the LJ-cut. Fail.

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Yet another personality test:

Independent Thinker )

Take the free iPersonic personality test!

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Oh my. I think that would be Star Wars. The original trilogy. It was the very first "space-placed" movie I've ever watched and always compared the later-watched ones to it.

I should be writing my essay now. Crap.

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You Are "esc"
Some people might try to say that you're unreliable or flighty.
But you can't help it. You're always finding yourself in sticky situations.

You're willing to bail if things are looking bad. You are quite impatient.
For you, having to escape every now in then is the price of taking risks. And you're not about to stop taking risks!

Yet another totally awkward test. I should be working on my matura essay about bad guys in literature. I've got Shakespear's Lady Macbeth, Juliusz Słowacki's Balladyna, Dostoyewsky's Raskolnikov, Bulgakow's Woland and Harris' Hannibal Lecter. The exam's in two weeks. And I'm stuck with the definition of evil. Half a page when there should be about five/six. God, I fail at life.

Which House Md Character are you?
Your Result: James Wilson

Congratulations, you are Dr. James Wilson. You're well liked, if not sexually faithful. You can appear kind, but really be more like House underneath. There's a rumor you and he are gay though...

Lisa Cuddy
Gregory House
Allison Cameron
Robert Chase
Eric Foreman
Which House Md Character are you?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

"You can appear kind, but really be more like House underneath. There's a rumor you and he are gay though..." God, I love that description :3


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