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Some of you may hate me for writing this, but it has to be written.

I have noticed the twitter war that happened today, and though I usually stay away from this kind of stuff, I decided to understand what this is all about, all because the girl who runs the site is from Poland just like me. I thought I'd be able to get to her, or at least get to know her opinion since there would be no language barrier.

We had a chat (if you can call @-ing at each other a chat), and what I got out of it was pretty darn enlightening.

She cares greatly for her site, works hard to make it run smoothly, and also does English to Polish translations. All by herself, without any help. This site is her baby. She takes every single comment and every single tweet personally.

We all know she's a Huddy shipper, a huge one. We know she likes to show it any way she can, even if it may be insulting to people who are not intersted in her personal opinion.

Mind you, in every fandom and in every pairing there are people for whom what they believe in is practically sacrosanct. They can come out as a bit too obsessed, a bit too serious.

When you see such a person, stay away from them at all costs. Don't taunt them, don't call them names, DON'T ADD FUEL TO THE FIRE. You're just making things worse. Haters gonna hate. It's only a show.

And if you really, really feel like you should say something, act mature.

We may hate what she wrote about St Doris because she had no right to do that. But that doesn't give any other person the right to bash and hate on her, call her a bitch and several other quite "interesting" names. By doing that you show that you're just like her. And we can do better.

Everybody's entitled to an opinion, even her. The only thing she did wrong is that she hasn't as of yet realized that she has a lot of influence because of the popularity of her site, and by that, her Twitter account. It's not what she wrote that is wrong, it's how she's chosen to do this.

Feel free to express your opinion in the comments, but before you hit the 'post' button, think twice. Trust me, life's easier that way.

Posting here 'cause it got deleted after an hour on H/W comm. Oh well.
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I should be writing two papers right now. And learning for my exams.

But no, here I sit and play The Sims: Makin' Magic. Yes. You read that right. I'm playing Sims.

Hell, I even made a Holmes family, with Holmes, Watson, two cats called Irene Adler and Lestrade, and two dogs, Mrs Hudson and Gladstone. Oh, and Holmes and Watson adopted a baby girl. Her name is Mary and she's a hardcore slasher. Because I say so. Also because when they were on vacation, she walked on her daddies "having fun" in a cheesy pink bed, walked past them like nothing has happened, turned the computer on and started playing. But I mean, come on. We all know she was writing a live action slashfic.

So, I have a project about globalization to finish until Wednesday. Actually, I haven't even started. Oh fuck it.

And then there's this paper about my favorite online dictionary due January 17th. And psychology exam on the 19th.

Oh and it turns out that I'm the only single left amongst my friends, and my flatmate keeps on rubbing my nose in it--

And she just called me, trying to make me leave the apartment and get a life. Aw dammit.


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Somebody should take my laptop from me. I'm spending way too much time online, my not-online pals forget how I look like.

Ok, it's not that bad. Still, the looks I get from my flatmate say it all. Yesterday/today I went to sleep after 4 am because I had to watch House livestream (2 to 3 am) plus another hour of waiting the ep to download plus re-watching best scenes. Which took some time, 'cause there were lots of them (there were some bad ones, too, but I'll pretend that they didn't happen-- it's not like TPTB care about continuity on this show).

Three words: PANTSLESS DRUGGED WILSON. Not enough to convince you? (is that possible?) 'Kay then: BOTH WERE HOUSE'S DOINGS. How about now?

Man, I still have teethmarks on my forearm. I bit myself so hard as for not to wake my flatmate and her BFF with laughter and fangirlish squee. Just thinking about the scene when Wilson wakes up and all that happens afterwards. Yup. Grinning like Cheshire Cat on speed.

In other boring news:

Re-living my childhood with Anastasia soundtrack. Gotta lay my hands on the DVD the moment I can.

Scored B on practical phonetics classes again. Hope that one day I'll be speaking perfect Queen's English. That day'll be the happiest day in my life (not counting fandom-related stuff-to-be).

Somebody please tell me how to stop rambling and finally get some work done...


(quote in the subject taken from 180 Degrees Housefic by[info]movies_michelle -- go read it)

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Title: The Bard's Tale, part 1
Characters/Pairings: House/Wilson, Wilson/OC, mention of Wilson/Bonnie and Kutner
Rating: PG-13 if you're really picky.
Spoilers: 5x20 Simple Explanation
Disclaimer: Do not own, unfortunately.
A/N: So, here's the short story  of these drabbles.

Me and [profile] h_e_r_b_a_t_a realised some time ago that almost all of James Blunt's songs are about H/W. We actually called him The Hilson Bard. I started to write a fic based on the lyrics for Cry. But since I suck at long fics, the idea got abandoned. Then I started to work on a series of short drabbles, each with a title and a quote from various Blunt's songs. I had maybe ten written down when MS Works said "um, no" and deleted them all. I got super-pissed and stopped writing.

Today I heard 1973 on the radio and just had to do something. Here's the result.

I actually cannot believe I wrote that )

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I think I laughed my lungs out...

Drabbles made with Drabble-Matic.

Hot Love

I've been shipwrecked on a doable island... )

Bushy Lang Syne

No one else could look so hot, even in a cat mask. )

I Saw Wilson Kissing Santa Claus

He made House's eyebrow feel all x-rated. )
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My leg hurts like hell :C Got caught in the door, now my ankle is swollen and I can’t walk. And since it’s my right leg, my brother keeps on mocking me, telling me how I subconsciously want to be like House. Yeah, right.

Hope I haven’t broken anything, it doesn’t hurt that bad, but still… no driving lessons for me in the next few days. Ohnoes D:

Now to the bright side of life.

Since I have more time, I decided to work on my House t-shirt. Googled a stencil, bough a can of paint, some t-shirts and that funny paper, sticky on one side (still don’t know how it’s called in English). Few hours later I had this:

Still looking for the right font for IT’S NEVER LUPUS. Also, I’m working on a Jimmy Wilson t-shirt. Found a nice picture. Will post the photo when I finish.

Finished before I could post it. My PC hates me and yesterday decided not to cooperate for no apparent reason. Well, that’s why I called it Lupus.

Here be the photo (sorry for the crappy quality, my camera hates me, too):

While in Puławy, I also found and bought Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince and Other Stories & Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. I read the latter in Polish and I really liked it, though not as much as Lord Jim, which is all kinds of awesome.


MEME TIEM!!! (found @ [ profile] arhh’s LJ):

Here be the meme... )

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Stolen from [ profile] arhh 

01. Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper at their LiveJournal.
02. Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
03. Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

1. I'm a House-whore.
2. I adore this particular photo; my fav group photo ever.
3. IT HAS HOUSE AND WILSON (IN JEANS AND A T-SHIRT!!!); that's actually enough for me.
4. It has Kutner; I miss you, man.
5. I like the colours; they fit my current theme (because silver is better than that awful blue).
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'Kay, here we go:

Teh Epic List of Bestest Podfics Evar, part two )

C'est tout. Will post any goodness I find, promise. Now off I go. Peter's Friends DVD's waiting.
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Finished high school, started taking driving lessons, possibly passed all my matura exams-- life couldn't be better.

Unfortunately, it isn't.

You know, when you have lots of things to do, you're complaining that you have no free time to do the things you love to do. And when you finally have time-- lots of time, actually four months for doing nothing-- it's not fun anymore. First few days, yeah. But later?

I thought that when I finish school I will finally do what I wanted to do. Be lazy. Do nothing of importance. Organize movies/House marathons, read all the books I wanted to read but never had time, party with friends, learn to cook (!!!). First few days it was great. I'm usually alone at home-- parents working, brother at school until 4PM. All I had to do is to cook dinner, and the rest of the time-- do absolutely nothing. Be as lazy as I wanted to.

Now I want to go back to school, and that freaks me out a little. Because what the hell al I supposed to do with myself for FOUR months?


'Kay, now to the important part. Connected to the previous one, but still.

I downloaded a bunch of House podfics lately. Here be the list and some comments (I am linking to the mp3 versions; if you're looking for audiobook, guess there are somewhere out there):

Teh Epic List of Bestest Podfics Evar )

Will post the rest of Teh Bestest Podfics Evar soon. It's not like anybody's waiting for it, I'm actually doing this for myself... whatever.

Oh, and did I mention that I hell at self-loathing? And that LJ hates me? I had to change all LJ-user links to normal links, because it was somehow messing with the LJ-cut. Fail.

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It is a [H]ouse!

M'sorry, couldn't resist :3
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Title: In A Way
Author:  [ profile] jihime47 
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for S5, maybe S4
Disclaimer: Don't own the show. Shore does. If I owned it, House would be 4th Mrs. Wilson. Oh yeah.
A/N: My very first finished fanfic in English. And first real piece of writing since October 2008. No beta, all mistakes are mine. I wrote half of it in the middle of the night on my mobile phone while listening to [ profile] triedunture's podfic of [ profile] nakeno's and [ profile] recrudescence's Discovery. That was one weird night.

In A Way )

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That was one amazing episode. My thoughts under the cut:

Last ep's spoilers ahead! )


Other news being:

Got Taste of Violet's permission to upload my translation here and at I've got a bit to re-type left and will do it when possible.

Been to a "date" (duh!) with one emo-guy. All emo-stuff aside (and there was a lot of it), we were talking about ninja-pidgeons, drawigs and Naruto. Really, hope I'll never see him again.

May 4th being a very probable date of my death. Still haven't even begin to learn for my matura exams. Well, I tried. But me trying is me opening a book and deciding there's too many other things to do rather than that. I fail at life.

I fail at English, too. Forgive me, will ya?



Apr. 24th, 2009 05:01 pm
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Yay, school's over!

Not happy with the marks, but it could be worse. Hope they'll be good enough... College in four months? A bit scary. But hey, more important things first.

I've just watched newest House MD sneak peeks, which are here. Watch out, spoilers ahead!

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What a beautiful day it is!

Just imagine, only three days of school left! Then an all-night-long farewell-party on Friday! And then a new House episone on Monday! (and what an episode it will be!)

The one and only question being: WHY NOT TODAY???


Finished inking the translation. 22 pages. My hand hurt like hell. Now I have to re-type it. Wish me luck. And patience. An ocean of patience actually, to me & my bro, 'cause I'm sure he will not approve all-night-long click click thud(also known as space/enter button). Too bad PC's in his bedroom. Poor boy (YA RLY).

Never knew translating can be that exhausting.


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